Print Copy Design Solutions
is solely owned by BOHICA Inc.


At PCDS, we know a copy is more than just a copy. That's why we are equipped with high quality, regularly maintained copy machines so your copies will be sharp, crisp and clean every time. No matter the quantity, you get copies that look like originals. And, we consider no job too large or too small. Our friendly, professional staff is on hand to assist you, whether you need one copy or thousands.


Choice of Paper

We realize your copy needs are varied, so we offer a full line of paper, from high quality stock to bright, exciting colored paper.


Digital Color Press

Have you wanted to print full color pieces in smaller quantities, but are always told that you must print more than you wanted just to make it affordable? When your business needs a fast, low-cost alternative to full-color process printed materials, why not consider color copies or digital prints from your file? The image quality and resolution of color copies has dramatically improved. Many people find it incredibly difficult to tell the difference between printed full-color materials and color copies.

Use our digital press when you need; quantities of 500 or less, a project completed very quickly, single copies of multiple originals or an important sales presentation.